Aluminium foil rolls

Kelly alufoliakThe aluminium foil rolls traded by our company are ideal to use in the kitchen in general (frying, grilling and steaming) and equally for industrial purposes.

Beyond the standard length ((10; 20; 30 meter) and width (29 cm) we are happy to adjust to individual needs and produce longer 100; 200; 300 meter) aluminium rolls as well.

Cling films

Kelly frissentartó fóliákThose cling films that we produce are perfectly suitable for the needs of the modern age, and the fields of usage have almost no limits. Multifunctional, easy to handle, and cost effective.

In the aspect of environmental protection it is also an ideally useful tool.

The product is completely taste- and odour free, plus it has a feature to seal smell and liquids that makes it ideal to use for food industry and households. Its usage is easy, quick, time-saving and hygienic.

Sizes: 20m, 30m, 45m, 50m, 100m, 300m – it is available in the practical hook hanger box.

Freezer bags

Kelly uzsonnás és hűtőtasakokThe simplest way of storing food in the fridge/freezer hygienically is putting them into bags, which were developed just for this purpose.

Storing meat, fruit and vegetables this way, provides that these are freezable for longer, and safer, and you need less space for storage in the fridge.

These bags are also perfectly suitable for packaging snacks. Sizes: 2-3-6 L

Bin bags

Kelly szemeteszsákokTheir most important task is to keep bins clean, plus using bin bags makes it easier to empty the bin.

These are available is different sizes - 20L; 30L; 60L.

Can be used to store litter even without a bin, but for this purpose we rather offer our extra thick garbage bags.

Garbage bags

Our garbage bags can be divided into 3 main groups.Kelly kukazsákok

  • Standard garbage bags: are made of thinner material, so they can be used as bin bags. Sizes: 110L and 135 L
  • Extra garbage/self-supporting bags: these are made of thicker material, so you can use it for storing and delivering waste. It is available in the following sizes: 110L; 135L and 160L
  • Super garbage bags: these products got this name because of their thickness, since their material is almost twice as thick as the extra bags’. It is available in the following sizes: 60 L; 135 L and 160 L and 200 L.
Garbage bags with draw-standing

Kelly húzózáras kukabélelő zsákokIt is an improved form of bin bags that is highly sufficient for the needs nowadays.

A draw-standing attached to the rolled-up neck of the bag assures fast and simple closure. It also helps to transport the full bag practically and hygienically.

Sizes: 25L; 40L; 70L;120L

Zip bags

Kelly simítózáras tasakokZip bags

The most important feature of the bags is the multiply opening-closing possibility, so the product is environmentally friendly.

Due to the zip, it is much easier and quicker to open and close it. It can be used widely, because it is possible to use it at any field.

Sizes: 1-2-3 L

Baking papers and foils

Baking papers:

Kelly sütőpapírokKelly baking paper is made of a so-called parchment. The main characteristic feature is the intense heat-resistance. The product is neutral both odour- and taste-wise, consequently keeps the food intact. By using this product, keeping the baking forms clean is just easier.

It is available in 15 m.

Kelly szilikonos sütőfliák


The usage of the product is the same as a simple baking paper, of course it makes no difference in the taste and consistence of the food.

It is available in 8 m.




Baking foils

Kelly sütőfóliákIt is absolutely a must-have in the modern kitchen. Due to its special material, food can be prepared without additional fat, and it preserves the flavor of meats and vegetables while cooking.

Due to its special features, the food that was frozen in this bag, can be put immediately into the oven, so we can spare time by skipping the defrosting period, plus cleaning the bowl becomes easier as well.



  • meat,
  • steak,
  • chiken,
  • fish
Baking papers Baking papers
Bottling foil

We have proved that when it comes to bottling and preserving, our products are highly suitable. These are made of traditional material and in traditional quality. You can use it with all three preserving process (steaming, dry steam, cold-preserving).

Kelly befőzési celofán


With the bottling cellophan you can close the stuff - that you would like to preserve - hermetically. (marmalade, compote, pickles)

  • The package contains: 4 pieces of 400*400mm.


Kelly befőzési fólia


The bottling foil is the modern form of cellophane. Its features and fields of usage are the same as the cellophane, however it has much better traits.

  • The package contains: 50 pieces of 165*165mm sheets.




Kelly gumigyűrű

Due to the rubber ring it becomes easy to fix the cellophane and foils on the top of the bottle.

  • The package contains: 500 rings – but it is also available in individual package.
Foam trays

These are the most important fields of usage of our cling films – mainly used in food industry to pack: meat, fruits, vegetables, bakery products, other foodstuff.

Industrial packaging material

The company has a leading role concerning the field of industry. The feature of the strech films, produced and distributed by us, is that it sticks (on demand both sides as well), and it is also tensile and flexible.

Main types:

ECO stretch film - environmentally sound solution in packaging

machine stretch film: for automatic palletizing machines, supplied in rolls, various width, thickness and packaging.

hand stretch film: it is also supplied in rolls, in various width, thickness and packaging.

If you need more information, please visit the website of RotaPack.


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providing extremely wide range of own brand products

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