Bin bags

Kelly szemeteszsákokTheir most important task is to keep bins clean, plus using bin bags makes it easier to empty the bin.

These are available is different sizes - 20L; 30L; 60L.

Can be used to store litter even without a bin, but for this purpose we rather offer our extra thick garbage bags.


What we offer

To our Distributor partners

- marketing support
- competitive prices
- direct producer connection

To retail chains

- 100% service level
- flexible payment terms
- high inventory level
- SAP system
- serving individual needs
- contract compliance that is recquired by multinational companies

Producing own brand products

- optimal inventory for the sake of 100% serving safety
- low price, beside permanent, high quality
- more than 10 years of manufacturing experience
- as a manufacturer providing flexible compliance of individual needs
- guaranteed quality level due to permanent quality control
- providing audit option
- providing extremely wide range of own brand products

providing extremely wide range of own brand products

Rota pack

RotaPack Zrt.

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