Aluminium foil rolls

Kelly alufoliakThe aluminium foil rolls traded by our company are ideal to use in the kitchen in general (frying, grilling and steaming) and equally for industrial purposes.

Beyond the standard length ((10; 20; 30 meter) and width (29 cm) we are happy to adjust to individual needs and produce longer 100; 200; 300 meter) aluminium rolls as well.


What we offer

To our Distributor partners

- marketing support
- competitive prices
- direct producer connection

To retail chains

- 100% service level
- flexible payment terms
- high inventory level
- SAP system
- serving individual needs
- contract compliance that is recquired by multinational companies

Producing own brand products

- optimal inventory for the sake of 100% serving safety
- low price, beside permanent, high quality
- more than 10 years of manufacturing experience
- as a manufacturer providing flexible compliance of individual needs
- guaranteed quality level due to permanent quality control
- providing audit option
- providing extremely wide range of own brand products

providing extremely wide range of own brand products

Rota pack

RotaPack Zrt.

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